What do people want?

On October 12th 2016, The Red Door™ put up an informal question and answer sort of survey for World Mental Health Day. Our online was in collaborative efforts with The Loud Whispers Project.

Three simple questions were asked:

1. If you had the choice to choose a word for your condition/experience, what would that word be?
2. If you were given the choice to choose what makes you happy everyday, what would that be? ( ex: painting, singing, dreaming, doing nothing, watching tv, walking, reading, meditating, a flexible career to do the previous ones, etc)
3. What can others do for you that would make you happy and not ‘mentally’ strained or distressed?

The reasons behind asking these questions were simple. We wanted to highlight the FACT that every human person HAS the ABILITY to make their own CHOICES and DECISIONS when we GIVE them the CHOICE and not undermine their capacity of making it. Remember, we are pro-CRPD. And many professionals around world have undermined choices of persons with mental illness stating that we are individuals who do not and cannot be given choices since we don’t have the mental capacity of choosing it.

However, the replies below will confirm our believes and inspiration behind our work. That CHOICES need to be simply be a given, and not something anyone needs to fight for.


The replies have been copy pasted directly from our Facebook Page. Scroll to our October 12th post and you’ll be able to see that these came from people who exist and not something we made up.

If you wish to add your comment to it, feel free to do so. Rather leave a comment on our blog post as this would be easier for us to archive.

1. life
2.having a pet
3.freedom and ability to have one.
1. Curves
2. Writing
3. Creative exploration of illness and health in general
III. Vedika Aum:
1. Alienation
2. Living in nature and creating
3. Acceptance and to take responsibility for their actions/decisions


1. Victim (no…i am not suffering from “victim syndrome” ..this is some real hardcore victimisation and abuse…this has crossed abnormal levels of it)
2. Love (to love and be loved)
3. Just be a friend.
V. Dalip Daswani .
1. alienation
2. being connected ( could be with anything – people, art, work, etc.)
3. Keep “in touch”
1 – betrayal
2 – singing.
3 – accept
1.Stuck and alone
2.Connecting with people, free flow of vibes and heartily laughs.
3.Acceptance and love
1. Struggle
2. Learn
3. Be there, in silence.
1.Existential Melancholia
2. A flexible life which lets m pursue my professional ambitions and lets me follow my passion
3. Empathy, attention and love
X. Harkiran Sandhu: 1. Love
2. Singing and reading
3. Love and understanding
1.) Ambivalence
2.) painting & meditating
3.) give me space to develop insight
XII. Yatish Vt
1. Cheesy but “comfortably numb”
2. Travel the world, wipe out borders or start afresh, right from the beginning of time!
3. Leave me alone, until they can bring something new to my table, or unless I am lonely!
1. Happy
2. Traveling, reading and listening to music
3. Acceptance
1. Content
2. Traveling
3. Do not expect me to change. Accept me as I am.
2-Walking, good conversations and dancing,street dogs
3-Stop labelling me as vulnerable all the time and try to “save” me.
1. Exhausting
2. Travel.
3. Understand. Or at least try to understand. Listen. Not try to gaslight me.
XVII. Mahi Chopra:
1. Detached
2. Genuiness
3. Honesty
XVIII. Sneha Rooh:
3.dont ask me too many questions,dont probe into my space.you are not entitled to answers about my life
3.Coffee and enriching conversations
1.) Rocky road
2.) Reading
3.) Space
1.Emotional pain
2.Conversations and talking about mental health and illness
3.I’d be happy if there was more space in life for conversations in which people can share themselves without inhibitions.
XXII. Elise Pentz:
1. death
2. singing
3. leave me alone unless you understand
XXIII. Hari Krishnan:
1) Float
2) Travel
3) Understand
1) Inexplicable
2) Dance
3) Write
XXV. The Red Door team member:
1) Skeptical
2) Dance
3) Silence
XXVI. Elise Pentz:
1 despair
2 singing
3 act normal, no special treatment
1) Fatigue
2) A bit of each
3) Quid pro quo
XXVIII. Rajiv Rajan:
1 social barriers
2 flexible life
3 accept differences
So, what do you think? Do these comments on choices not speak for itself?

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I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.
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