Project Yarikin + CCMC

Riding is an integral part of urban lives as more than 50% of people living in cities use motorbikes as a means of transport. Mental health amongst riders today is of utmost importance, affecting us on a daily basis subconsciously, financially &physically.

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Ever seen bikers paint on a canvas using their bikes!? (CLICK HERE) 0.10 – 0.20

Spearheaded by Niki with Sunny from The Coffin Cheaterz Motorcycle Club (CCMC)

Coffin Cheaterz is a Pune-based MC club and was founded on 23rd August 2013. The current Prez is Abhimanyu “Mad Max” Ray and members include Prashant “Probot” Kadam, Abhijit “Bolt” Ghate, Sandeep “Chainsaw” Patil, Javed “spRocket” Shaikh, Vipin “Juggernaut” Unni, Bhupendra “Z-Shock” Zhope, Akshay “Engine Revs” Mhaisane, Gautam “Psycho” Ambre, Subodh “Road Rash” Jadhav, Arif “Turbolence” Shaikh, Husain “Hustler” Bookwala, Sydney “Psy Baba” Fernandes, Val “Skidski” and Nyx “noiseFyx” Ray.

Coffin Cheaterz actively organizes motorcycle events, road trips, motorcycle rallies, social events & parties. The Club is open to any person irrespective of gender, age, caste, sex, creed or race; above the age of 18 with a valid motorcycle driver’s license. They should (obviously) have a motorcycle above 100cc to be a Coffin Cheater. The bike can be borrowed, stolen, etc. as long as they’re not in trouble with the law. Membership to the Club is solely dependent upon the already existing “Patched” members of the Club and subject to  the terms and conditions laid down by the Club Rules. The 3 stages to enter the club are – Prospect, Associate and Full Member or Patched Member. Once the member leaves/retires CC – Coffin Cheaterz, he will have to return his CC patches back to the Club. Terms and Conditions apply as and when amended and applicable in strict accordance with Club rules.
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Ride Safe and always wear a Helmet.
For further enquiries contact –
Mad Max on 976 4149 666