We are going to Switzerland!

We are headed to Lausanne, Switzerland for the GOOD Festival on 25th – 29th October, 2016

Our campaign to help raise funds to get us there (ticket for 1 USD 700 + stay/food USD 300) has begun and will last till the 22nd. If our member gets the fund we shall extend it further to help us raise more for our 4 different projects. CLICK HERE for the campaign link.

Our co-founder Val Resh has also agreed to auction her artwork , commission a new piece, give a mime performance or sing you a song over FB messenger, as a voice note or over the phone to help raise the funds for the same. Get in touch with her directly on theschizophrenist@valresh.com


Stay tuned for more on our plate that never ends!

But on that note, here are some interesting facts that you should know about The Red Door™ Project which we just updated on our Facebook Page:


The Red Door facts:

1. Why The Red Door?
Red symbolizes the ‘muladhara chakra’ in yoga, the seat of creative energy. Red is also passion, anger, love, heat, blood, and a primary colour in painting.
Native American believes point to The Red Road, where one who walks it has an obligation to bring people in walking the path in a sacred manner.
The founders of The Red Door believe that the experiences of mental illness point towards a spiritual crisis which has lost it’s meaning in modern constructions of its term. But to get to our higher consciousness, we can use creativity as an expression and channel to nurture and guide us.

2. What is our motto?
JUST BE & LET BE: influenced by Zen Buddhism and the way of the spiritual warrior, this simply mantra allows anyone to ‘Hold Space’ for another person or our own self when experiencing a mental, physical or spiritual discomfort.

3. What is our signature?
Peace & Colour: We focus on the Body Mind relationship which is the essence for a healthy lifestyle. In yoga or esoteric practices (not based on any religion) the 7 chakras are symbolized by 7 colours, much like the rainbow. These 7 colours also represent our varied emotional states or imbalances. Therefore, when we wish you Peace & Colour – we are saying ‘Be at peace with your emotions’ but it is open to interpretation and translation.

4. Why #redefinemadness ?
Because we are aware that the starting point of normalcy has been constructed. Therefore, even the ideas of madness are constructed, making the starting point of Mental Health and alternatives or even recovery and healing as being constructed. In redefining them each layer has to be removed (like peeling onions) to get to the root of the idea. This takes time, but that’s why we walk this road.

5. How do we do it?
We have several different projects for each layer we redefine.
a. Project Yarikin which celebrates the idea of madness by raising awareness when we have our official Mad Hatter Tea Parties. Our ENAIF events (Everybody Needs An Imaginary Friend) runs under the same.
b. Project STAB is our work with a changemaker school where we work in turning so called bullies into healers.
c. Travelling Red Door comprises of our collaborated effort with Coffin Cheaterz Motorcycle Club (CCMC) our own group of bikerz who travel to spread awareness of safe riding and mental health. One of our co-founders uses random public spaces as open dialogue spaces while travelling.
d. Other miscellaneous projects include ezine, publishing narratives, interviews, peer and family support/counselling, interventions for those experiencing ‘psychosis’ and their families, healing, workshops, advocacy, and much more!

We stop at these 5 for now. 🙂
If you have a question to raise and think it should be included in our facts, do comment over here and we shall include it.

Thank you for reading and your support.
Peace & Colour,
The Red Door team!

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Our School Blog!

Remember our post several months back on our work at school?
Well here’s the update on it:

Do follow the blog as it has a separate subscribe button.

Also, our campaign to raise funds to keep the work at school and other TRD activities is still on. Please support our work and share the link in your circle: http://ket.to/TheRedDoorPune

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Short on time & funds!

Heya all,

I haven’t been able to update the blog and our events after being super tied with school and a list of other work propping up. Since we are scaling our work it means more work and less time for me to do anything else I was otherwise doing – until I find others who can do it for me.

We’re really hoping to raise some funds so that we can cover much of what we are doing at the least since we are really short on time and personal funds to keep up with the demands of the work.

This is the link to our online campaign:


Do share it with others in your network too! It would really help us continue the work we are doing.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Peace & Colour,

p/s: OH! did you know that TRD holds a ™? so we are actually The Red Door™ and all of what we do is protected including what we create through our events, names, word mark, art, writing, etc. :))

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Bully Proof Event

CraYon Impact in tandem with Pra-Kar and The Red Door Presents, ‘Bully Proof’ – Screening, Dialogue and Spoken Word

Bully Proof is the first of its kind open space for dialogue and discussions on the issue of bullying. The event will start with a screening of the film ‘Bully’ aka ‘The Bully Project’ (2011) followed by a diverse panel of speakers. The discussion will be led by Reshma Valliappan, Navadeep Pannala and Shovona Karmakar, who through sharing their personal experiences will cover the spectrum of different perspectives to bullying that deal with – gender and sexuality, mental health, trauma and recovery. The evening will end with Ramneek Singh – a powerful spoken word poet and activist who will perform poetry to the topic of bullying.

9PM: Film Screening – Bully AKA The Bully Project
10:30PM: Panel Discussion
11:30PM: Spoken Word

The film – Bully AKA The Bully Project

Get your tickets here: https://in.explara.com/e/bully-proof

Read more about it here:

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#redefiningmadness – self portraits

Hey Folks!
It’s that time of the year where you participate in another exciting global TRD event which questions and challenges normalcy and madness.
We are all too familiar with the depiction of madness and the stereotyping of mental illness or how a mentally ill is supposed to look like. I’m sure each one of you would have had to hear comments like ‘But you look fine’, ‘You don’t look depressed’, ‘You don’t look schizophrenic’, ‘I don’t see anything wrong with you’, ‘You’re always so happy’ so on and so forth.
Mainstream cinema and media haven’t really done any of us any justice. Nor does society stand up to look beyond the labels and the face and see just the person.
So to address this, The Red Door is now participating in the Inside Out Project which is a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art. All you got to do is get a self-portrait of your’s clicked which shows your identity of madness or what it means to you. You could choose to make faces, use props, or an action but it has to show your FACE (front view not side or back). This will then be printed into LARGE posters which will be pasted on walls.
Note: You don’t have to be someone with a mental illness label to participate. Your participation in this is equally necessary in redefining what and how madness is perceived.
Here are the guidelines for participation:
1. You may submit your self-portrait, find us a huge wall, make donations, or help us out with media, and contribute to helping us paste once the posters are printed. (We will need access to pasting them and this can be anywhere including rooftops, windows, doors, parking lots, restaurants, anywhere where the posters can stay)
2. The portraits do not need to be professional quality but they have to be 1MB in size at 100 dpi which captures your face. (pets, back of heads, inanimate objects, groups of people don’t count) Please do not send us pictures to convert sizes for you as we don’t have anyone working on that. You can click it yourself or get someone else to photograph you.
Click here to check other portraits out from other causes to get an idea of it: http://www.insideoutproject.net/en/best-of
The best portraits are emotional, captivating and reflects your story.
3. Attach a personal statement with your photograph. It can be a sentence, paragraph or a story. TRD will share this around all social media platforms.
and then
send your picture (.jpeg), statement, and release form to theculturedculture@gmail.com
It costs USD 20 per participant for Inside Out to print the posters and ship them back to us. Our subsidized rate or if it’s free will be confirmed after submissions. However, TRD still needs to work around this project for coordination, logistics, social media, marketing, and creating the neccessities. Inside Out will only send the posters across to us. Do your bit please by supporting this here: https://thereddoorproject.wordpress.com/699-2/
Get started now!
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The 1st edition TRD notebooks are now available!
These red leather A6 size, 72 pages comes with our own TRD pen attached to it + a bookmark + our key chain + our paper magnet.
The leather cover can be re-used again.
Grab your own today at Rs.1000/- (price inclusive of delivery)

Only 10 of these are available! So you might want to get yours soon by filling in here:https://thereddoorproject.wordpress.com/699-2/
Don’t forget to fill in your shipping details!

*We do not use crowdfunding as our products are not in bulk but in editions. Proceeds cover cost of products and logistics of outsourcing them.

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Please Support our Work!


Holla there people! Hope the summer heat isn’t getting to you. This year The Red Door took off very differently and expectedly by collaborating with K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan Pune, a school that is located in the heart of Pune near Somwarpeth. This school is meant for children from low-income communities coming from a range of difficult life circumstances – some who live under the bridges, and on the streets, and some who are in organized gangs in Pune city.


The school has built a strong ethos of social activism towards leading change and has supplemented the government school curriculum by projects and books which allow students to explore their identities as agents of change. A history teacher takes her students on a practical Satyagraha, and an English teacher asks her students to do a project on juvenile delinquency, even as they explore the English language. Further, children are exposed to works like Trash and Everybody Loves a Good Drought, which allow them to start seeing the world from a range of different perspectives.
The results of this perspective-building can been seen clearly with teachers and children leading initiatives such as river restoration and waste management. Students have not only been able to link their own actions with larger social issues (visiting a nearby river, seeing it clogged with garbage, and coming back to make cloth bags to use for themselves), but have also responded to issues like sexual-harassment in the school campus itself.

Vidya Niketan is the first of the network of Akanksha schools, set up as a public-private partnership between Akanksha Foundation and Thermax Social Initiatives Foundation, both non-profits, and the Pune Municipal Corporation. Akanksha schools demonstrate that children in government schools can get access to quality education in as much, or even lower, per child cost as allocated.
*The information above is taken directly from the Ashoka India website. OH did we mention that K.C.Thackeray is an Ashoka Changemaker School? ☺
It is an amazing opportunity for us as The Red Door’s co-founder is an Ashoka India Fellow who has been eager on working with schools to look into inculcating early intervention for individual well-being in the area of mental health instead of the regular psychiatry/medicinal interventions. What is even more blessed are the range of individuals who make up The Red Door team who have been working alongside K.C.Thackeray at many different levels.
We were first called for 2 mental health interventions; a 12 year old boy who had an anxiety attack and a 16 year old girl who was being treated for bipolar disorder. Upon both interventions, our recognition of the actual issues grew more along with our ability to problem solve making the multi-layered issue hard to ignore. Shalini, the principal of K.C.Thackeray also had expressed the lack of budget for teachers, the absenteeism of teachers, and the lack of support for them.
In the process of 5 of us working with different grades, we do realize this is not a one off phase for us but a year long work we are going to be spearheading with K.C.Thackeray to creating a replicating sustainable education system that does work at teaching children and adults life skills that they can always use outside of school for life!

Each one of us are targeting the root of mental health issues that is affecting every child in this school, which is eve-teasing and bullying. No doubt, these traits are built in kids from what they see outside of school and in their homes. They do not have positive role models to work with them for long hours nor are they devoid of observing violence daily. Shalini said ‘The fact that these kids just come to school is a big thing’.

Along with that we are also assisting teachers to help those students who need to be taught differently and have different needs to be addressed during class.

WISH TO  supportus?


Introducing our first education interventionist:
1. Anomit Ghosh doing some awesome stuff with martial arts  and set to change the way education is taught along with addressing social issues of bullying, violence, eve teasing, abuse, family violence, mental health and a whole lot of other things. Anomit also runs Forge Mixed Martial Arts Pune.

Meet our 2nd man!:

2. Ashwin Mohan teaching the boys Chi Gung. Ashwin is a Nath Yogi and Parampara Adhikari at Adesa Nath Parampara VidyalayaWhile Ashwin takes sessions with the boys, Resh takes similar sessions with the girls. 

3. Val Resh working with the girls on awareness of energy by mixing tai chi & bharatnatyam after their lecture.

4. Janhavii Pathak using her unique approach of dance and movement that brings the kids to their natural essence. Janhavii is the founder of Purple Feet

5. And the last but not the least is Trusha Dethe – the currently invisible one with no record of her work BECAUSE she has been working individually with the teachers on yoga and healing which has reduced the rate of absenteeism amongst staff.

We are all part of the Personal Healing Institute Pune  & The Red Door (of course) and like Captain Planet had 5 teenagers to work for him, we are each working with our own ruling element(S) for the benefit of children, animals, adults and the planet in whole!

At the moment, KC Thackeray Vidya Niketan and The Red Door does not have the funds to support our work. But we do need travel and food allowance (at the least) to be covered (if more for our rent it would be great!) Like all teachers, we do hope to draw in an income for our basic needs.

Do help supportus even at the minimal that you or your organization can – until we have received funding. It is important that our work continues.

Peace & Colour!

“Behind every child is a bully. Behind every bully is a healer. Let’s have children turn healers and not bullies.”


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