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I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.

Peaceful Warrior & Childhood

26th of January 2017 – Republic Day at K.C.Thackeray Vidya Niketan, Pune. 30 kids from K.C.Thackeray got initiated as ‘Peaceful Warriors’. They stood for their main Warrior Code. Their parents put the badge on them (teachers stood by for those … Continue reading

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We are back again to the city of Mumbai with a limited number of seats available for our first formal TRD workshop on ‘Exploring Mental Health Through Creativity’ in partnership with Risevertise Media . Our journey of experimenting and exploring … Continue reading

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Welcoming our first NEWSLETTER!

HAPPY 2017 to all of you and thank you so much for following our blog and our work till now! I know it is difficult to keep track of all that we do and we wouldn’t want to spam your … Continue reading

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A blogpost by a student from the school we work with

As I pick my pen to write I am aware I have nothing to write in particular, neither a specific topic, concern, nor a concrete belief. I am writing as if in a state I was in a month back. … Continue reading

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Are you a TRD friendly space?

A physical space that believes in the work we do and acts as our local space… Continue reading

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What do people want?

On October 12th 2016, The Red Door™ put up an informal question and answer sort of survey for World Mental Health Day. Our online was in collaborative efforts with The Loud Whispers Project. Three simple questions were asked: 1. If … Continue reading

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Mail Me An Angel

The holidays are closing in soon for Christmas, New Years & end of the year which can be very difficult for many as they often lead lone lives. Anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies tend to spring up especially if the … Continue reading

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