Peaceful Warrior & Childhood

26th of January 2017 – Republic Day at K.C.Thackeray Vidya Niketan, Pune.

30 kids from K.C.Thackeray got initiated as ‘Peaceful Warriors’. They stood for their main Warrior Code. Their parents put the badge on them (teachers stood by for those parents who couldn’t come). All 60 with parents included took their Warrior Oath and we ended with a warrior battle cry.

So what is a Peaceful Warrior?

A peaceful warrior is one who is navigates his/her life with the stars as guide and love written in their hearts and as the message. It is a metaphorical meaning, but one that has to be discovered by the warrior whose journey has only begun.

These children have been introduced to the way of warrior and are nurtured in making choices that affect them directly. Those who were chosen were evaluated based on the choices they choose to make and in full awareness of their consequences: The choice to be a better human being and not hurt others and oneself or the choice to engage in violence of any form.

PATCH the school dog and mascot had her own hilarious moment of puking right in the middle of the oath.

The amazing button badges were designed by Niki Ray – another TRD member who teaches, guides and nurtures their spirit.
If you spot these kids wearing them, do say hello and strike a conversation. Ask them what code they represent!


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