We are going to Switzerland!

We are headed to Lausanne, Switzerland for the GOOD Festival on 25th – 29th October, 2016

Our campaign to help raise funds to get us there (ticket for 1 USD 700 + stay/food USD 300) has begun and will last till the 22nd. If our member gets the fund we shall extend it further to help us raise more for our 4 different projects. CLICK HERE for the campaign link.

Our co-founder Val Resh has also agreed to auction her artwork , commission a new piece, give a mime performance or sing you a song over FB messenger, as a voice note or over the phone to help raise the funds for the same. Get in touch with her directly on theschizophrenist@valresh.com


Stay tuned for more on our plate that never ends!

But on that note, here are some interesting facts that you should know about The Red Door™ Project which we just updated on our Facebook Page:


The Red Door facts:

1. Why The Red Door?
Red symbolizes the ‘muladhara chakra’ in yoga, the seat of creative energy. Red is also passion, anger, love, heat, blood, and a primary colour in painting.
Native American believes point to The Red Road, where one who walks it has an obligation to bring people in walking the path in a sacred manner.
The founders of The Red Door believe that the experiences of mental illness point towards a spiritual crisis which has lost it’s meaning in modern constructions of its term. But to get to our higher consciousness, we can use creativity as an expression and channel to nurture and guide us.

2. What is our motto?
JUST BE & LET BE: influenced by Zen Buddhism and the way of the spiritual warrior, this simply mantra allows anyone to ‘Hold Space’ for another person or our own self when experiencing a mental, physical or spiritual discomfort.

3. What is our signature?
Peace & Colour: We focus on the Body Mind relationship which is the essence for a healthy lifestyle. In yoga or esoteric practices (not based on any religion) the 7 chakras are symbolized by 7 colours, much like the rainbow. These 7 colours also represent our varied emotional states or imbalances. Therefore, when we wish you Peace & Colour – we are saying ‘Be at peace with your emotions’ but it is open to interpretation and translation.

4. Why #redefinemadness ?
Because we are aware that the starting point of normalcy has been constructed. Therefore, even the ideas of madness are constructed, making the starting point of Mental Health and alternatives or even recovery and healing as being constructed. In redefining them each layer has to be removed (like peeling onions) to get to the root of the idea. This takes time, but that’s why we walk this road.

5. How do we do it?
We have several different projects for each layer we redefine.
a. Project Yarikin which celebrates the idea of madness by raising awareness when we have our official Mad Hatter Tea Parties. Our ENAIF events (Everybody Needs An Imaginary Friend) runs under the same.
b. Project STAB is our work with a changemaker school where we work in turning so called bullies into healers.
c. Travelling Red Door comprises of our collaborated effort with Coffin Cheaterz Motorcycle Club (CCMC) our own group of bikerz who travel to spread awareness of safe riding and mental health. One of our co-founders uses random public spaces as open dialogue spaces while travelling.
d. Other miscellaneous projects include ezine, publishing narratives, interviews, peer and family support/counselling, interventions for those experiencing ‘psychosis’ and their families, healing, workshops, advocacy, and much more!

We stop at these 5 for now. 🙂
If you have a question to raise and think it should be included in our facts, do comment over here and we shall include it.

Thank you for reading and your support.
Peace & Colour,
The Red Door team!

About thereddoorproject

I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.
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