Short on time & funds!

Heya all,

I haven’t been able to update the blog and our events after being super tied with school and a list of other work propping up. Since we are scaling our work it means more work and less time for me to do anything else I was otherwise doing – until I find others who can do it for me.

We’re really hoping to raise some funds so that we can cover much of what we are doing at the least since we are really short on time and personal funds to keep up with the demands of the work.

This is the link to our online campaign:

Do share it with others in your network too! It would really help us continue the work we are doing.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Peace & Colour,

p/s: OH! did you know that TRD holds a ™? so we are actually The Red Door™ and all of what we do is protected including what we create through our events, names, word mark, art, writing, etc. :))

About thereddoorproject

I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.
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