#redefiningmadness – self portraits

Hey Folks!
It’s that time of the year where you participate in another exciting global TRD event which questions and challenges normalcy and madness.
We are all too familiar with the depiction of madness and the stereotyping of mental illness or how a mentally ill is supposed to look like. I’m sure each one of you would have had to hear comments like ‘But you look fine’, ‘You don’t look depressed’, ‘You don’t look schizophrenic’, ‘I don’t see anything wrong with you’, ‘You’re always so happy’ so on and so forth.
Mainstream cinema and media haven’t really done any of us any justice. Nor does society stand up to look beyond the labels and the face and see just the person.
So to address this, The Red Door is now participating in the Inside Out Project which is a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art. All you got to do is get a self-portrait of your’s clicked which shows your identity of madness or what it means to you. You could choose to make faces, use props, or an action but it has to show your FACE (front view not side or back). This will then be printed into LARGE posters which will be pasted on walls.
Note: You don’t have to be someone with a mental illness label to participate. Your participation in this is equally necessary in redefining what and how madness is perceived.
Here are the guidelines for participation:
1. You may submit your self-portrait, find us a huge wall, make donations, or help us out with media, and contribute to helping us paste once the posters are printed. (We will need access to pasting them and this can be anywhere including rooftops, windows, doors, parking lots, restaurants, anywhere where the posters can stay)
2. The portraits do not need to be professional quality but they have to be 1MB in size at 100 dpi which captures your face. (pets, back of heads, inanimate objects, groups of people don’t count) Please do not send us pictures to convert sizes for you as we don’t have anyone working on that. You can click it yourself or get someone else to photograph you.
Click here to check other portraits out from other causes to get an idea of it: http://www.insideoutproject.net/en/best-of
The best portraits are emotional, captivating and reflects your story.
3. Attach a personal statement with your photograph. It can be a sentence, paragraph or a story. TRD will share this around all social media platforms.
and then
send your picture (.jpeg), statement, and release form to theculturedculture@gmail.com
It costs USD 20 per participant for Inside Out to print the posters and ship them back to us. Our subsidized rate or if it’s free will be confirmed after submissions. However, TRD still needs to work around this project for coordination, logistics, social media, marketing, and creating the neccessities. Inside Out will only send the posters across to us. Do your bit please by supporting this here: https://thereddoorproject.wordpress.com/699-2/
Get started now!

About thereddoorproject

I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.
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