Come together for WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY!

So everyone’s talking about THE WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. BUT ‘mental health’ is not an annual experience…it is an everyday experience.

Over 200 years, practitioners and professionals or caregivers would speak on behalf of the person with the mental illness. IT IS STILL VERY RARE that a person with mental illness gets a chance to speak for themselves and tell you openly what it feels like to be the way they are. What it feels like after coming out of the closet. This is called ‘Self-Advocacy’, where the person with a mental illness (user-survivor) speaks out openly to a group and lets them have a glimpse into their world. (it’s a mutual process at the end of it)

Come join us on the 9th of October 2013 at Malaka Spice, Lane 5, Koregaon Park, Pune from 4pm – 7pm.

There will be interactive sessions between folks who come under the label of ‘mentally ill’ and those who do not. There will be awareness created to address the issues which are still getting addressed over the centuries and globally. There will be creative folks who would be joining in with their music, art, theater, mime, singing or simply just being.

The Red Door will be introducing the Coffin Cheaterz Motorcycle Club (CCMC), a group of bikerz who would…well come see for yourself!

TRD merchandize shall be up for sale. T-shirts, magnets, cards, bookmarks, and a range of art work that we have collected over 2 years of work done with several different groups on a range of issues. Do check our blog link to know the issues and groups we have covered (

Proceeds of the products sold will go in support for further TRD work. (As for now we have no funders and rely strictly on our pockets and the help of volunteers).

This is brought to you in collaboration with OQ Artists’ Collective – meet the inventive bunch and come together to create! (


About thereddoorproject

I do not play a therapist nor a psychologist. I simply show you and guide towards possibilities that has been lost. The Red Door is a bridge...and intersection. It'll show you how to cross over. Once you do...the roads are your's to choose.
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